Origin of “Smoothie”

Came from a product manager of a well-known IT company. He was once a young international student in Seattle studying abroad. One day, he came across a cup of “Mango Smoothie”, and it tasted just like the mango-flavored slush back in his hometown. He almost felt right back at home, as if he could hear the hearty chuckle from the “ice cream lady” from the neighborhood. He has not since forgotten this delightful taste and memory. Wishing to share it with everyone - in Summer 2014, “Smoothie” was born!

“Smoothie” – a refreshing and healthy fruit shake popular in Europe and USA… is now available in Taiwan! We work with local farmers and use fresh fruits directly shipped to us. Together with our exclusive recipes, we prepare them into a healthy, delicious and nutritious “Smoothie” for you to enjoy!